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Mezcales Milagrito was founded in 2005 from the hands of producers who love good mezcal and have a real passion for their production processes. Our story began in Santiago Tomatlán, Oaxaca, one of the areas historically associated with mezcal production, when we decided to resist the rapid growth of the market and focus on traditional techniques to maintain the quality of our mezcals.

We are a pioneer company that has opened the mezcal market in Mexico and abroad, first saving ancestral knowledge of production and then spreading the mezcal culture from Oaxaca through consumption centers and the export of our products.

Against the current of the modernization process, our goal has always been to care for the quality of mezcal and to work with dedication. In the midst of an increasingly industrialized market, we maintain the artisan production. Therefore, all of our mezcals are made using processes and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. We strive to use artisanal processes that are sometimes more complicated and time-consuming than industrial processes, but which guarantee quality.

We respect the times of nature: we appreciate the necessary passage of time, the years of sun, wind and rain that a maguey seed needs from sowing to harvesting to become mezcal. We accompany each stage of the process with dedication to ensure its quality, because only by being there from the beginning can we bring the passion we feel in the production of mezcal and bring it to the tables of those who enjoy a drink that lightens the soul and accompanies the heart.

Our agaves grow in soils free of agrochemicals, and although our processes are based on tradition and artisanal production, we have opened the door to technological innovations that allow us to create appropriate working conditions and optimize resources: We save water, energy and reduce pollutants. We use natural gas instead of wood for the distillation process, which not only allows constant temperatures for optimal results, but also significantly reduces pollutant emissions and does not lead to the cutting of trees for fuel.

Our commitment is also social. We value the knowledge that has been passed down through several generations of productors. We value the family heritage of our partner at Mezcales Milagrito, Guillermo Abad Hernández, master mezcal maker and respectful supporter of traditional production, defender and promoter of the artisanal mezcal culture.

We are convinced that the preservation of a tradition is a commitment that requires honesty and dedication. Sharing it completes our mission. By embracing, you make the experience your own.